The minimum qualification for membership of the society is a Baccalaureus degree in Near Eastern Studies or related discipline (e.g. BA in Fine Arts, BA in Islamic Studies, or BA in Archaeology), or an equivalent qualification. Persons not meeting this requirement may be accepted on merit as members of the society by the executive, following the application process.

Prospective new members have to be proposed by a current member of the Society. To propose a candidate for membership, please complete the SASNES Membership Application Form and e-mail the form to the secretary.

Members whose details have changed (e.g. title, e-mail, affiliation, telephone numbers or any contact information) please complete the Update Information document.

The secretary:
Dr Kevin Chau

Membership fees are R300 per annum ($30 for international members). This membership fee includes a subscription to the Journal for Semitics (JSem).

Please make cheques payable to the ‘Southern African Society for Near Eastern Studies’ (SASNES) or transfer your membership fee directly into the following account by EFT:

ABSA Tom Street, Potchefstroom, liquidity account number: 931 1021 211 or, or for Islamic members: 931 1021 538, branch code: 632 005

Please e-mail the proof of payment (or deposit slip) to the treasurer. We kindly request that members rather make use of EFT than depositing cash into the account.

The treasurer:

Professor Lodewyk Sutton

A list of current members of the society can be viewed here.