Welcome to the Southern African Society for Near Eastern Studies (SASNES)

This learned society was established in 1988 as the South African Society for Semitics. It was founded by academics, who were attached to universities in South Africa and worked mostly in the fields of Semitics, Judaica, and Islamic Studies.

The aims of the society are to promote the study of and research on the Near East (including North Africa) in the spheres of language, literature, culture, religion, history and archaeology. There is a specific, but not exclusive focus on the Ancient Near East.

The minimum qualification for membership of the society is a Baccalaureus degree in Near Eastern Studies or related discipline (e.g. BA in Fine Arts, BA in Islamic Studies, or BA in Archaeology), or an equivalent qualification. Persons not meeting this requirement may be accepted on merit as members of the society by the executive, following the application process.

Annually, the society holds a national conference hosted by a university in Southern Africa. The society publishes a peer-reviewed journal, Journal for Semitics (JSem) twice a year. The journal is accredited by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training.